Delivery of fresh farm produce to the market

Waste Collection

Collection and delivery of food waste


Delivery of food to consumers (cooked or uncooked)


The recycling of food waste to manure for agricultural purposes

food waste

What We Offer

The collection of food & farm waste to be recycled into compost and animal feed.

Our Impact

  • Reduces carbon footprints
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • Over 1000 employment opportunities
  • The local economy is strengthened
  • Healthy people, Healthy Society

Company Traction

YomCycle has partnership with over 125 small holder farmers and restaurants.

who depend on us for waste collection and processing into organic fertilizer and animal feed.
Siraaj and Rahaman- with thumps up cropped

Our Impact Areas

Our business model scores high on social and environmental impact, creates employment for the youth and improves soil health.

Our Partners' carbon footprint

The project aims to reduce the amount of food waste that ends up at landfills.  A weekly production of 1000kg of compost would lead to a monthly airspace savings of 45m3 and yearly airspace savings of 540m3.

Youth unemployment

The value chain of our composting business model indicates there is the need to engage more youth in waste collection, educational activities, waste separation onsite, farm demonstrations and Sales & Marketing.

Waste collection fees

 Our partners have pay a monthly fee of Ghs 20 for the waste collection. Our partners will be able to save up to 43% of their current expenses on waste collection. This is a huge financial impact on these small businesses.

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